Sunday, October 14, 2012

Warts Removal: First Time

I had facial warts removal for the first time yesterday. I availed of the Mendez promo from Metrodeal. I had it done on their Farmers Plaza branch in Cubao. So far, everything went Ok. The only problem I had was actually locating their clinic, the address specified in the Metrodeal voucher was ambiguous. It had something like:

FARMERS - Aurora Tower - Araneta Center, Cubao.

Now, I was confused whether their clinic was in Aurora Tower, in Farmers Plaza or in Araneta Center... Goddamn Metrodeal voucher. Anyways, this is the second service I availed from Mendez clinics, the first one was an IPL session in Megamall (which unfortunately, was not satisfactory to me - but that would be discussed in another blog post).

Their attendants were kind and accomodating. Their clinic however, was small and had poorer ambiance than other clinics, like for instance SkinStation. But it was not that bad at all, I was comfortable all the time I was there. The therapists recommended that I should avail of their facial services first. I agreed since it is better to have a clean face before having warts removal. After my facial, they applied topical anesthesia to parts of my face. I was lying in their bed for about 30 minutes or so to let the drug take effect on my skin.

When the warts removal procedure finally came, I was really nervous yet excited. I already know what my face would look like after the procedure since I saw other people who have undergone it before. (Basically your face will be filled with black tiny dots all over). The dermatologist used the machine to zap - or literally burn each tiny warts on my face. Most of the time, the zap was tolerable, however, there were some areas on my face that were not applied with anesthesia, so some zaps were quite painful. (As in pinapaso ka ng mainit na toothpick kada zap - that was the sensation, a very hot toothpick pricking your face). The dermatologist said to me that: "Ang tamang mo ah, dibale, tiis ganda lang yan!". I had the impression that other clients were probably jittery and panicky when undergoing the procedure. I was actually very quite the whole time with my eyes closed. I can say that having facial cleaning is actually more painful than the warts removal session itself.

After the procedure I was recommended to buy their cream to apply to my face for three days. So I paid 700 pesos that day. 200 pesos for my facial cleaning. 500 pesos for the cream. The voucher for the warts removal session was only about 300 pesos. So they were able to upsell. But I don't mind because I know that one of the purposes of companies offering promos is that they could somehow upsell. Also, the price of the warts session is originally 5000 pesos, so in my mind, I still believed that I still had more of my money's worth. So all in all, the warts session with them for me is ok. Now, I am just waiting for my 2nd session of IPL in Mendez Megamall - hopefully, things will be better than the first session.

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